All our meat is Cornish and as local as possible!
Fish from Cornwall wherever we can!

what we stand for...

In an age of chain brands, fast and processed food, we want to take a stand! Living and working in "Englands Garden", we want to express the food and flavours of the land & sea on our menus- for you!

We are not fine dining, we are relaxed fresh Cornish Dining- great food, good value, relaxed atmosphere and your choice of drink! This is the Hayloft way.

We sit in a local community we love and aim to support in any way we can- from sponsorship of events, running events and giving value and loyalty back. We want to spread the love to the local area we live and work in, simple as that!

Our food changes with the ebb and flow of nature, and we want to deliver this to all of our customers, in a way that excites and offers great value!

In doing this we naturally lower our footprint on the planet, and by investing in other routes and technologies we aim to become as sustainable a business as we can; always looking and adjusting to improve how we achieve this.

This is no more true than in the building we have; an 18th Century hay barn and stables where we are working to up-cycle the business and inject a light contemporary feel.

We all love what we do, always strive for the best and always want to see customers leaving with a smile,

Thats The Hayloft,